Author's new book receives a warm literary welcome.

Readers' Favorite announces the review of the Children - Educational book "Remarkable Reese" by Lisa Wellcome.

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Reviewed By Mamta Madhavan for Readers' Favorite

Reese wants to be a dentist like Dr. Walker. Her parents have always told her she is amazing, confident, and smart. Reese goes to the dentist twice a year and she was nervous the first time she visited Dr. Walker. Reese's mom tells her it is important to take care of her teeth and Dr. Walker makes her teeth shiny and white. Dr. Walker tells Reese that she has to brush her teeth daily so that she doesn't get a cavity. Dr. Walker's tools to clean Reese's teeth are stronger than her toothbrush. Dr. Walker makes Reese wear special sunglasses because the light in her clinic is very bright. Dentists are remarkable people so let's join Reese and learn more about 

the dentist, the dental profession, and oral hygiene.


Remarkable Reese: I Want To Be A Dentist by Lisa Wellcome is an educational and informative book that will help children take care of their teeth and keep them clean and healthy. Ben Geiger's colorful illustrations make the concept clear and palpable to readers. This book is a good way to teach children oral hygiene and give them some interesting information about teeth and what dentists do. It is a good book for tutors and parents to read out to children to make them understand what a dentist does and how to take care of their teeth. This series of Remarkable Reese stories is a must-have in school libraries and homes as they educate readers and 

give them information about various topics in an entertaining way.



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